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Posted on 3rd February, 2015

It is always a challenge putting together a programme which seems so far ahead, but hopefully this year will bring some real highlights over and above our usual activities. Already we are looking forward in preparation for the Spring Exhibition in March, closely followed by a workshop to be run by Paul Weaver in April, both of which appear in the News section.


In addition, we will be offering two artist and two DVD demonstrations, plus a number of life drawing sessions throughout the year. Interspersed throughout the programme there will also be mini demos run by members who want to share an aspect of their process, whether it be about picture making, framing or drawing and painting techniques. These details will become available as we secure dates and names, so keep an eye out for the changes in the programme of events.


If you are thinking of joining an art group in Bath, then you are more than welcome to come along on the dates listed under 'programme of events' to try us out. If you would like to join us but would like more detail before coming along to the meetings then please use the contact page and we will get back to you with the information you need.


Whether you are an existing member, or a new one, we look forward to getting together to share this wonderful mode of expression in the Spring of 2015.


Happy drawing and painting!




Spring Exhibition!

Posted on 19th March, 2013

Well here we are again having just finished our successful Spring Exhibition at Claverton Community Hall last Saturday with Best in Category winners Sheila Neill, Jan Stapleton, Joan Holt and Sylvia Gould, together with some general photographs taken on the day:


"Live Long and Prosper"

Posted on 7th January, 2013

Not sure if anyone reads these blogs but they are fun to do even if I am the only one who gets to see them! We have an exciting year ahead with some stunning demonstrations and workshops as part of our annual programme so I cant wait to get started.... Having said that I also reflect on how so many other aspects of our lifestyle transpire to distract us, despite our best efforts, so for me it is all about balance and priorities, which I dont always get right, unfortunately.


However, the beginning of the year does seem to be the appropriate time to think about what we want to achieve during 2013. This to me is not so much about New Year's resolutions, which seem to be so rigid that they can do nothing else but break, but more about ambitions. What would we like our shining accomplishments to be by this time next year? How will we know we have done our best? What will we have achieved? Without such ambitions, life would surely be a little aimless wouldnt it?


One of my personal ambitions is to complete the first module of the OCA Drawing skills course and receive 40 credits towards the next stage of my BA Hons course in Painting. There are other goals I have which relate to my work, home and family, but from an artistic perspective this has to be my main focus. Along the way I also want to have entered a couple of open exhibitions with my still life/portrait work and hopefully have one or two paintings accepted. I have stood on the sidelines for too long, so now its time to experiment to see how far I can go, but it is a scary prospect! Putting ourselves 'out there' in the public domain is both a leap of faith in our work and also in ourselves.


Therefore the key words for me this year will be faith, focus and integrity. Faith in that opportunities will arise to inch me towards my goals and ambitions, focus on the things that really matter to me and worry less about the rest and integrity in the way I live my life in the process.


Its a lofty set of expectations, but well worth the challenge! So, whatever you choose to do this year, I hope that you will enjoy the journey and achieve your hearts desires, or to quote the Vulcan Salute from Star Trek, "Live long and prosper!"

Happy New Year to you all!


Warren Sealey's Landscape workshop

Posted on 22nd October, 2012

Great fun was had by all at the recent workshop with Warren Sealey. Focusing on Edward Seago's landscape, we all tried our hand at replicating both the style and colour from one of Seago's paintings provided by Warren. In addition we explored how to create the effects of water in oils by painting a boat scene. Here are just a few pictures on the day.



From left to right Lynnette with Warren and Alan working hard at the easel. Next Warren discussing tonal values with Ann followed by Sue proudly standing next to her finished painting. Lastly on the right is Warren, our tutor for the day posing for a photograph by his easel.



Finished art work in the style of E Seago on the left by CDAG Secretary, Vivienne and a study of waves on the right by three different participants on the workshop.

We thought this year we would set ourselves the challenge of selecting, photographing and painting properties in the village to feature in the forthcoming exhibition in November. As Secretary for CDAG and the one to float the idea to our members, I set off one beautiful late spring afternoon with camera in hand to capture some of the magical vistas that have been lovingly nurtured by the locals. The gardens looked a picture with spashes of purple aubretia creeping over stone walls and wrought iron gateways.


I was lucky to pick a peaceful afternoon and had a great time taking in the atmosphere of this wonderful village tucked away from the rush and noise of Baths' main roads.




So with just over a hundred shots in the can, so to speak, I was back at my office checking quality and suitability and whilst not all made the cut, many were distributed throughtout the CDAG membership for painting in acrylics, oils, watercolours or pastels in time for our next exhibition on Saturday 10th November 2012 at the Trinity Rooms, Combe Down Village, Bath BA2 5EE


So if you are local to the village or just love to look around art exhibitions then do come along between 10 am until 4 pm and see featured Combe Down Village artwork, the live painting demonstration, vote for best in show, view cards and artwork for sale and enjoy home baked savouries and cakes with refreshments, at real value prices! What better way to spend a winters day with friends!


We look forward to seeing you there!


Vivienne Bolton




A HUGE thank you to Maria Harryman

Posted on 7th May, 2012

It was a great pleasure to welcome Maria Harryman to be our selecting judge for Combe Down Art Group at the last exhibition at Claverton Down Community Hall. Maria is an extremely competent and creative artist in her own right, working with design, print and colour, using a range of materials including fabrics and quilts.


Maria is pictured (right)  congratulating our Exhibition Manager, Jan Stapleton (left) for her Best Painting in the Abstract Art Category on the day.  Jan was especially pleased to be awarded the prize for this category because her husband had purposely gone to get the picture framed in time for the exhibition and we are very glad he did!


Maria is part of Cloth Road Arts week and is currently exhibiting her amazing work at the Trowbrige Museum in the heart of the town. The exhibition features a new body of textiles created in response to 'fragments' of broken ceramics and a 19th century patchwork from the Museums' archive collection.


Maria has taken her inspiration from the colours and achitectural designs in the area to create unique cloth and contemporary quilts. It is most definately worth a visit to see her stunning work and perhaps to buy some beautifully hand crafted cards that she has for sale.


For more information on/go to:


Combe Down Art Group then please go to our contacts page.

Cloths Road Arts week visit

Trowbridge Museum go to

For Maria Harryman, email